I have been working in software for about 15 years now. This not what I wanted to do though. I wanted to be an astrophysics but that’s a story for another time.

I started by learning C and C++ which I do not remember at all. Then came Java and ASP.NET. Once upon a time I held the Microsoft Certified Developer certification from Microsoft.Later on I did my Masters in Computer Science and started building web sites in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Built some web applications in ASP.NET using C# and MS SQL servers.

With the rise of front end frameworks and library, I first picked up Angular and then later converted to React and for backend I picked up Express running on NodeJS and mongodb is the document storage.

At one point in time I was running a semi-successful iOS Tutorial Blog and I called it iOSSDKArticles.com. I believe some of the code can still be found online but I forgot my GitHub password and things happened and lost that account.

Since last year I have made numerious attempts to start this blog but I could never get it going. This could be seen as another itration but I am hoping this time I will be successful.

I also like to work on various projects and some of them are completed and some of them still in progress.